Pull Up Bars

Pull up Bars or pull ups are great exercise routines that mostly tries to strengthen latissimus dorsi muscle along with other assisting muscles in the back portion of the body. And with a pull up bar, one pulls the himself up without any form of swinging or kipping.

pull up bar

Chin ups help to improve the strength of many chest and arm muscles. So the use of the right chin up bar could vastly improve your chin up routines.

Chin Up Bar

Who said you only need to ride a bike outside of your home? Stationary exercises bikes are more than perfect in keeping yourself healthy even if you are inside your own homes.

Exercise Bike

Also known as aerobic steps and exercise steps. These fitness equipment will surely burn out all those hidden body fats in your system aerobically.

Fitness Step

Inversions tables give a lot of benefits to our body. It helps in circulating the blood throughout the entire body in every use of this fitness equipment. Others you need to find out by reading more inside.

Inversion Table

Ankle weights are fitness tools that one could use to tone down leg muscles during exercise routines. Sizes would differ based on your capacity to lift them.And for beginners it would be advisable to use 1-2 pounds.

Ankle Weights

P90X is a home training program that mixes various exercises to give your muscles different workouts. This type of cross-training was originally designed as a 90-day fitness program, but many people have adapted it as part of their daily exercise. Your goal can be a total body workout with maximum calorie burn, combined with a sensible and nutritious diet.