The ultimate strength training equipment!

What do you need to know before using any strength training equipment?


strength training equipmentAs a doctor, I give nutritional and exercise advice to patients on a daily basis. What really shocks me is how people discount the value of exercise and nutrition without a second thought.

Did you know that just 15 minutes of exercise per day lengthens your life by 3 years cumulatively?

My geeky friend who does bioinformatics (decoding the human genome using computer power) did the following calculation just to prove the point that exercise makes you healthier and that you DO indeed live longer.

(0.25 / 24) * 365 * 80 = 304.166667

The above equation takes 0.25 which is 15 minutes, multiplied by the days of the years and multiplied by the average life span.

So 1/4 of 1/24th of a day integrated over 80 years amounts to less than a year, but adds three years of life. So you'll live healthier and longer by exercising. There is no better empirical proof.

By the way that study was done in the LANCET a very reputable journal and they followed 40,000 people prospectively i.e into the future. But I digress. Exercise is undoubtedly beneficial. The question is, what type of exercise?

Without getting into energetics and all the complicated systems our bodies have to generate power and build muscle, lets keep it basic and simple.

Aerobic exercise vs strength training. The myth that exists is that when you train one you neglect the other, the truth is that our body is very intricate and the energetic systems are linked. It is more useful to think of the proportion of which system you are working.

So lifting weights equates to working the strength and muscle building system more while taxing the cardiovascular system less and running does the opposite.

You might have gather by now that there is no benefit of developing a skewed approach to health. You must develop holistically and that means using and pushing ALL your systems.

Many athletes get caught up in the latest and greatest craze. Whether it be balls, racks, plates, steps, weights, bars etc. They get so worked up with the proper equipment and accessories to the point that they are unable to train without being in the gym with proper benches. Don’t get me wrong, it is important to have the right equipment but it is a luxury rather than a necessity.

The ultimate strength training equipment you already possess. In fact you were born with it. It is your body. Trust me, body weight exercises beat weights and dumbbells any day of the week. You might think that you need that pull up bar or the latest and greatest strength training equipment but body weight training alone is sufficient to push your limits and believe me, everyone has one.

Know the strength training equipment you already possess!


I have friends who love life fitness cardio weights, ankle weights and dumbbells, essentially anything that life fitness produces they purchase. They are fanatical to the point where they have their very own home gym.

I am not saying that home gyms are not great, they are but you already have the ultimate strength training equipment, shouldn’t you master that before you use fancy smancy fitness equipment which usually trains specific parts of the body instead of building overall fitness and health?

You don’t need machines or a personal trainer to increase your health and vitality, but you do need the proper information and training materials to get you on track for fitness for life.

I love gold medal bodies for their fitness training. Their philosophy is one that aligns well with mine and they are pros through and through, not to mention great guys.

So the next time you think about purchasing that whiz bang strength training equipment, ask yourself, ‘have I mastered my own body?’ If the answer is no then you probably don’t need any strength training equipmentjust yet.

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