Tips On How To Properly Use Hand Weights

In using hand weights, everyone must follow on how to properly use it.


People who are not new to exercising and working out know about the importance of using hand weights and incorporating them in the exercise routines that they are performing. However, as simple as these equipment may be, it is still very important that one learns of the proper appropriate ways on how they are used so they get to maximize them and achieve their fitness goals at the same time.

hand weightsMost of these devices are between one to ten pounds and many people have been integrating their usage in many less challenging exercises especially in performing bicep curls and arm lifts. Many people do these routines not only to help achieve more toned down arm muscles and at the same time, improve the overall shape and strength of this area of the body, especially when done at a regular basis.

People who would like to perform the exercises where they can incorporate these devices in the regimen should remember that results are better achieved if the routines are practiced as often as they can. They do not have to spend a considerable time in performing these routines. Spending about twenty minutes for about three times in every week will usually get the job done.

There are practices that one should follow when carrying out the training program. These may just be simple steps that one has top perform, but ensuring that they are appropriately followed will help a person maximize the benefits that he can gain from undergoing such a training. At the same time, this also reduces risks, hazards, and training related injuries immensely.

When using hand weights, it is important that one will carry out the workout process gradually.


Hence, people should only start lifting devices whom they are comfortable with and whom they are currently capable with. It would be risky to immediately start lifting something that has a capacity that is way beyond what you are capable of as this will only increase the risks, injuries and fractures.

People are advised to buy devices that have removable discs on them. This allows a person to choose to choose the level of weight that he would like to lift in a particular session. As much as possible, first time users should start lifting the lightest disc available and then from there, he can gradually increase them to help prevent straining, tearing or pulling muscles.

Arm lifts are good exercises that one should practice using these devices and they are best done by repeating the routine for about fifteen times. People who would like to improve the strength of their arms should know how to properly perform biceps curls. Just like with the arm lifts, this regimen is best performed by repeating the process around fifteen times again.

When using hand weights, one should make sure not to drop the devices. To avoid injury, they should be carefully placed on the ground. As much as possible, one should seek advice and assistance from his physician to determine if carrying out the routine will not pose any immediate threats to his overall wellness. This is especially true for people who suffer from certain medical conditions that needs advice when using hand weights.

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