Chin Up Bars: Chin your way up to more muscles

Make use of chin up bars in exercising.


chin up bars Chin-ups and pull-ups are a tremendous way to build upper body strength. They are also insanely difficult to perform, especially if you have not done them before.

Many athletes have a difficulty doing the chin ups as it taxes so many muscle groups. Lets face it, how many people do you know can walk on their hands?Let alone pull your entire body weight up. You have to engage your elbows, shoulders, deltoids, traps and plenty more. You need a powerful grip too.

The evolution of pull ups like exactly like that of a push up, you start off with two hands, you go the full range of motion, then as you progress you go on an incline and as you go further you then reach a point where you then can attempt the one arm pull-ups.

I personally haven’t reached this but I am working towards it. Like all skills doing the chin up requires practise and consistent strength building. You may start off with just body weights and then add weight plates or ankle weights to further challenge your muscles. With weights it allows you to perform weighted dips but essentially the hardest position to work through would be to start from a dead hang and then pull up.

Your grip pull-ups have to be strong. Its unlike a bench press where you simply push with your grip acting as a stabilizer. It is more challenging to say the least. Imaging bench pressing your own weight, that is not too bad as you have massive muscles to recruit when lying down.

Barbells and dumbbells won’t help you while you make your way towards the dead hang pull up.

As far as I know there is no chin-ups specialization program that you can start and build up...but then again maybe that is what having a personal trainer is for.
Anyways, I am rambling. The point of the matter is that chin-up or pull-ups are the most challenging yet rewarding (in a muscle building sense) exercise as it is a body weight exercise that utilizes many major muscle groups. Your form has to be good to maximize power.

Train yourself and develop your muscles with the use of chin up bars.


As you are able to perform the pull ups, you develop hand strength, strong arms, bulging biceps and broader shoulders. The training time is highly compressed as you load your full body weight all at once.

Start with just 1 repetition and slowly build up. I personally dislike the youtube videos that show the exercise because it appears so effortless but then again that is what you would expect from a person that has achieved perfection.

If you have worked hard to gain that skill, no reason why you can flex a few muscles and show people your results. Every motion has its value and the chin up I believe is a straight forward training goal that anyone can aspire to.

Do you have a favourite exercise that creates monster results in record time? If so, I’d love to hear about it. And also tell me what you think about your chin up bars.

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