Conquering the chin ups

Chin ups are one of the most challenging and rewarding body weight exercises that you can do.


Chin ups requires finesse, coordination and a whole lot of upper body strength.chin ups  In fact, they are perhaps the most effective upper body workout that I know of. They are also notoriously difficult to do. But do not fear, with perseverance you too will be able to complete the chin ups.

The obvious requirement before you can even attempt a chin up is to have an upper body workout bar i.e. a chin up bar installed. Now I am not a professional who can advise you on where to put this at home. So if you need advice go to your local fitness equipment store. They probably will have installation services available.

Personally, I find the chin ups or pull up bar one of the most effective strength training equipment around. It is versatile. You can do many variations of the chin up, moving from supported with one foot, then tip toes, then without support just dead hang, then half lift, then full lift. You can then work your way to the next things, doing upside down sit-ups and crunches...boy those hurt.

If you become really strong you can even do push ups with your chin up barsI can give no advice here since I have yet to achieve that myself.

As far as other fitness gear that you might need...maybe a set of gloves to help prevent abrasions from the seer white knuckling death grip that you will need to muster all your strength.

An ab strap might be useful to keep your back straight and prevent injury. And perhaps an extension of the bar that helps you lock your legs in place to do upside down crunches especially if you don’t like hanging from your knees.

These fitness items are obviously optional and can be purchased later in your training since it takes a high level of fitness to even attempt.

Suffice to say that the chin ups are not for beginners.


If you would like to work your way up to a chin up then may I suggest using body press items. Bench press etc all the traditional stuff. As you build some strength, you can start doing upside down push ups to build more muscle and as you get comfortable then try your hand at chin ups in a playground. They generally have lots of equipment you can hang yourself off.

Who would’ve thought that a simple bar could be so challenging? It is perhaps the only item where a product review or customer comments is unnecessary since it is literally one bar.

If you find installing a bar too much of a leap or the boss at home feels that it is aesthetically unappealing, then head to your local gym. Every chunky piece of muscle building equipment in the place has some sort of bar you can hang off to do a chin-up or a pull-up.

The beauty of the chin up is that it tests the very fibers of your being and pushes you to the limit very quickly. Simple use of your body weight which gives you big results quickly when done consistently as part of your routine workout program. The best thing about chin ups, no weights required.

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