Portable pull up bars

Portable pull up bars: Do they work?


It is funny how the human brain works. I was just looking at pull up bars and then discovered portable pull up bars and thought to myself, ‘I wonder if these will work?’ So after a bit of research I found out that doorway pull up bars have been around for a bit and yes they do work.

You can use the pull up bar as a doorway chin up bar, an upside down ab punisher, it is essentially an all round strength training equipment that help you build incredible upper body strength. As a fitness training tool it’s pretty cool and simple.

The whole concept is based on using your own body weight which I am a huge fan of. Are there better pull up bars brands? I did a quick search and found maximum fitness gear items, not sure how good they work but the reviews are impressive.
pull up barsMy approach when it comes to fitness equipment is to first go out and get acquainted with them. The local gym is always a good place to start. You trial a training tool or any fitness gear for that matter and then you commit.

Most of the training equipment is rather dear and takes up some amount of space and I am not a fan of dumping money into fitness programs or equipment that I might end up using 10 times.

Consistency is the key and if you can do your workout without it then perhaps you need to rethink if your fitness workout really is meeting your personal needs. Whether it is weight loss, strength training or just plain being healthy and able to move with your grand kids, health is central to anyone’s well-being.

Reliance on a product or fitness item is unnecessary, all you really need for weight training is your body weight. All you really need for strength training is your body. Chin-ups are awesome to do, fantastic as a party trick but how many homes do you know come with a bar you can hang off?

Use portable pull up bars outdoor!


Outdoors is the perfect environment for training but then do you have gear that will make you go out whether it is rain or shine? I sure don’t. But I do know that my home is comfy and that I will do whatever it takes to exercise even if its just a 20 minute workout.

Sports accessories are called accessories for a reason, it’s because they are non essential for your training needs. If you were an elite athlete looking for an extreme edge then perhaps it would be different, otherwise it is a simple program.

Power is built through resistance, resistance is created with weight. To pack your fitness program with equipment is trying to train the wrong way up. Train your body with just its own weight. There are many online programs with video tutorials that can help you design a simple exercise program and you can do it in the comfort of your own home. There is no need to shop, no need for a gym, just you and the floor.

Might not sound sexy compared with having a gym full of equipment but then again, when you can perform a handstand or a chin up from dead hang, who will be laughing? And portable pull up bars are just one of the great training equipment materials you could use.

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