How an exercise bikes fit into your fitness routine?

Stay fit by using exercise bikes!


Exercise bikesI have often wondered who was the person who invented the stationary bike and what did he/she have in mind when they did it.It seems rather odd that you would develop a bicycle and then make it go no where.

What seemed even stranger was that the stationary bike was not convertible i.e. being a normal bicycle that you could mount on a frame at home to turn it into a stationary machine.

On a completely separate note, why is it that if you do have a stationary exercise bikes that you cannot take the energy that you generate and direct it back to your own home power grid and reduce your energy consumption?

These are some of my personal musings but I’m sure you didn’t come here to read about that.

Exercise bikes are surprisingly versatile. The main concern that I have from a physiology point of view is that form begets function. Riding a bike requires you to adopt a particular form, the most basic of bike riding skills is to ride with good form, otherwise you will very quickly tire, not to mention work the wrong muscle groups which can quickly lead to injury.

Stationary exercise bikes are surprisingly versatile and useful in your pursuit of health and fitness.


Cycling and more importantly working out against resistance which every stationary bike is equipped to handle is a sure fire way to kick start your fat burning furnace and to give you a workout that will burn extra calories off fast.

One of the main benefits of the exercise bikes is that it is low impact and hence gained popularity quickly. Designers of the stationary exercise bike have taken the concept of low impact and gone to town.

This has become evident by the proliferation of different bicycle types like the recumbent exercise bike. Recumbent exercise bikes keep you in a lean-back riding position. The bikes ‘chair’ is usually a backrest with comfortable padding. Recumbent stationary bikes are designed for long distance riding and works particularly well if you are recovering from knee/back injuries which prevent you from riding upright.

Upright stationary bikes are the most common type. You can find these in the gym or in many homes. If you had limited space at home and wanted just 1 piece of exercise equipment, you could do far worse than having a stationary bike.

The reason I say this is that stationary bikes are space savers. You are very quickly able to get on, do your cardiovascular workout and get off. The best place to put the bike in my opinion is in front of the TV.

After a hard days work, instead of coming home and slouching on the couch, you hop onto your stationary bike and just peddle away. Turn on your favourite TV program or click onto the news then cycle away.
You instantly start working your legs, hips, arms and heart. Plus with the distraction of the TV you will hardly notice that you are working out.

Start low and work your way to more and more intense cycling.

A fun way to use your exercise bike would be to time it with the advertisements. Ride at a low intensity during your show and when the program cuts to an advertisement, up your intensity to high.

This way you will be doing a modified long tabata type workout. You will improve your cardio health as well as work different parts of your body when you switch back and forth.

This method of cycling provides you with good cardio conditioning as well as strength training for those large muscle groups, a 2 in one benefit, all while comfortably seated watching your favourite show.

Even though I am not a fan of fitness equipment in general, the exercise bike is just too much of a fitness icon to ignore.

My philosophy is master your body then master the equipment. No point getting exercise bikes and all the whiz bang parts if you don’t use your body efficiently and effectively.

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