Stationary Exercise Bike: Cycling for health in the comfort of your own home

Why a stationary exercise bike is commonly used today!


stationary exercise bike I am without doubt an advocate for body weight exercises. I personally feel that prior to mastering your own body, having equipment simply distracts the mind.But everyone is entitled to their own opinion and preferences.

So rather than hammer you with my own philosophy, I thought I would take the general principles of exercise for health and adapt it to stationary exercise bikes.

Indoor stationary exercise bike I believe is here to stay, they offer convenience, are inexpensive compared to some of the home gyms, require no training to use, are practically indestructible and can be as challenging as you want it to be.

The beauty of the stationary exercise bike is that fitness can be confined to the home. This is a large issue for a lot of my patients because they suffer anxiety of the social type, they often have body image issues and also self esteem issues that prevent them from utilizing the great outdoors.

Start cycling at home using a cheap stationary exercise bike.


So as a starter, I recommend purchasing a cheap stationary bicycle and start exercising at home. We work through and convert all potential dead time into mild to moderate exercise time.

The first phase is familiarity, something easy, just developing over 21 days the habit of mounting the bike. I generally do not recommend recumbent stationary bikes unless there is an indication like a pre-existing injury or medical condition that prevents an upright posture. Upright stationary exercise bike is the standard issue.

I make sure that the whole process is simplified, no additional weights, tools, machines, computers, gadgets, fitness accessories required. Just you and the bike.

So, first habit is mounting the bike. Whether or not they peddle is completely up to them. The beauty of choice is that once you make it the resolve starts to grow. People are incredibly stubborn animals, if you make a choice for them they tend to rebel and revolt. But when they make the choice themselves, they will fight and defend it with a conviction that is rarely defeat-able.

In essence, we use a little reverse psychology? Then it is the routine. Again, choice enters the equation.

Whether it be the Tabata routine, a simple incline, a multi step protocol, a hard fast paced power push, it doesn’t matter. My patients get a choice and then they choose and commit themselves to a number.

We take the number and reduce it. When I say number I mean the number of days that they will utilize the protocols. I always build in rest days but that is more an art than it is a science. The patient is allowed a 4 day cycle, light, moderate, high and all out, then the cycle repeats itself.

The beauty of this cycling structure is that they have ample time to recover, they build up their own expectations as to what they are capable of and they stick with the program because it is easy, its simple and its fun. I mean how much easier can it get when you exercise in front of your favourite show?

So there you have it, my fitness principles applied directly to stationary exercise bike, easy huh?

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