What is the rage about bike exercise?

You don't need to do perform a bike exercise outside of your home just to stay fit and healthy.


Fitness like every other discipline in life requires commitment and constant improvement. It is a journey not a destination.

Most fitness enthusiasts forget that it is not about the abs or the muscles or that you can run 1 mile in under a minute but the achievement of health that matters in the realm of life.

bike exercise Today I managed to gorge on ice cream, cream puffs, chocolates, chips and more dinner…in other words I had an out of control day.

The weird thing is that it doesn’t feel good, and my body tells me that. I feel less energetic, slightly dizzy and the intestine seem to be working overtime. I don’t need a medical degree to interpret those symptoms, it is my body essentially nudging me and telling me off.

So tomorrow, it is back to good old fashion 80% raw foods with power seeds complemented with a pre meal workout to kick start that fat burning furnace.

Cycling is my drug of choice when it comes to fitness. The bicycle is a great way to get fit. The thing that I like about bike exercise is that it is easy to do, requires no weight, you get to do cardio and build muscle without switching equipment.

If you have read my other posts you would know that bike exercises work your cardiovascular system, it is a fast and effective way to get in motion and improve your cardio fitness. You can do one long set of riding, or do Tabata protocols to increase the burn.




You can do it while watching TV at home. This way you aren’t wasting your precious time just rotting away at the couch, instead you are energizing your body and combating the decrease in brain activity that comes with watching TV.

Choose the bike exercise that is right for you.

I am sure you know that there are plenty of exercise bikes available. There is the recumbent exercise bike, the upright exercise bike both of which are stationary, then there are mountain bikes, racing bikes and a host of specialty bikes which are purpose built for exercising.

The important thing is not to get caught up in all the technicalities. Your job is to find an exercise bike, hop on it and start peddling. Work those muscles, move your arms, squeeze with your hands as you power through an imaginary hill, keep your hips engaged, hold your head up high and don’t forget to control your breathing.

Exercise is no longer an optional choice in life, it is mandatory. If you want to gain 3 years of vital life force, spend just 15 minutes doing some aerobic exercise and you have it.

If you want to build muscles, burn fat, do the hand stand…well that takes discipline and a whole lot more commitment from your part to make it happen. The great thing about your body is that whatever demand you put upon it, it will respond by creating the means necessary for you to meet it.

Your job is simply to demand excellence, push yourself to your limit and watch as your body miraculously beats its own personal best, right in front of your eyes. And what's more entertaining is that you don't need to do any bike exercise outside of your own house.

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