When you can’t even stand the thought of getting on that stationary bike

What do you do when you can’t bear the thought of getting on your stationary bike let alone start a resistance based workout?


stationary bike

What do you do when your fitness goals seem so far away and that home fitness stationary bike looks repulsive instead of magnetic like when you first laid eyes on it and fantasized about the perfectly sculpted body you will have and the compliments that would be thrown your way just from walking past strangers.

What do you do when it comes time to review your program progress but you just can’t seem to muster up the necessary motivation? The good news is that the solution is simple, the bad news is that you decided how easy the process if going to be.

As human beings we are both gifted and cursed by our ability to rationalize. When you come home from a shitty day at work and you have yet another obstacle to face…your stationary exercise bike, the fitness goal tends to melt away rather than present its alluring self.

Having an indoor exercise bike doesn’t really help. After all you have spent the whole day insides in a cubicle, you feel suffocated and you only want to get outside and have some fresh air.

Or you think to yourself, wouldn’t a recumbent exercise bike work better since you could just lie on your back rather than pedal upright. You’ve been sitting in a chair for 8 hours already today not counting the car trips, so don’t you of all people deserve a break?

We come up with excuses to suit any situation. But the reverse is also true, you can come up with tantalising and enticing ways to help boost your motivations from low to high gear.

Just think of the end result and accentuate the positives. For example, instead of thinking about the pace that will burn your muscles, focus on the toned muscles, the decrease in weight. Imagine yourself sitting in your home gym, full of stamina, pedal on the metal, ready to pump the wheels, your seat is comfortable, the conditions perfect and foosh…off you go.

Feel your pulse rising by using a stationary bike.


You ride that stationary bike like you’ve never ridden before. Your stamina is incredible, if you had a trainer standing by your side he/she would be singing praise, your indoor cycling routine has transformed itself into a magical experience one where you get to experience the riders high. Euphoria from breaking the procrastination barrier and into the action zone.

Recumbent or not, upright or not, the type of stationary bike matters not. What is important is that you get on your stationary bicycle and ride it to your hearts content. Your exercise bicycle is there to serve you, it is your exercise machine and it’s function is to help you. The only thing standing in its way is well…you.

The next time you feel like procrastinating, take a good hard look at your indoor cycling machine. Do you think of it as a cold hard task master with no regards to your well being? Or do you see your tool as a pro health hip and low back friendly fitness trainer?

Your thinking influences your motivation and hence your results. Don’t give the bike a hard time, in fact, don’t give yourself a hard time. Tame those procrastination thoughts and learn to enjoy the moment.

Make exercise time fun time. Make it personal time. Make it so that the conditions are just right that not giving your stationary bike a good ride daily will make you miserable.

If you have such strong associations then you will without doubt power through even when you thought there was nothing left in you. This is the path of the true health focused warrior. So when you don't want to ride a bike outside of your homes, a stationary bike is just right for you.

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