Do you really need that expensive piece of fitness equipment?

What fitness equipment do you need?


fitness equipmentHi there, my name is Hoe Bing, my friends call me HB for short. I am a medical doctor by trade but I have a personal interest in fitness, nutrition and health in general.

My friends use me all the time for different advice but I am best known for my magic massaging hands, that is a different story though.

Today I wanted to address the question, ‘Do you really need that expensive piece of fitness equipment?’

We live in a society that is very materialistic. There is almost an insatiable drive for people to purchase bikes, accessories, dumbbells, exercise equipment in general.

There is this myth that if we buy the right fitness equipment then our fitness goals and wishes will be achieved. There is a yearning for the machine that will dissolve fat without you breaking a sweat. We long for programs that promise short workouts with powerful results usually in just minutes a day.


There is no silver bullet, no magic pill, no miracle machine, no gym membership, no health spa, no sports program, no tool, no treadmill, no weight or workout which will get you the result you deserve….unless you work with it.

Obvious right? But from my personal experience and the experience of endless patients, I know that shortcuts are very enticing.

So today I want to help you snap out of that daze and hit reality dead smack on the head.

You will have to work for your results.

Sure life is unfair, there are some people who can eat whatever they like and they don’t gain weight, that is true but are they healthy?

Sure, there are people who do no exercise yet have an hour glass figure, but are they healthy? Sure, some people are gifted and some seem to have it all, but are they healthy?

An expensive fitness equipment is not the right way to stay fit.


When you change the focus of building large biceps, having a slimmer figure, losing that extra kilo of fat to focus on the long term health outcome and that is to not just be fit but healthy and youthful, your approach to exercise will evolve and your results will literally take off.

I know in my life and the life of those closest to me that this is true. You don't need have very expensive fitness equipment just to stay fit and healthy.

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