Home fitness the revolution that doesnt cost you an arm or a leg

Home Fitness - The Future?


home fitness People nowadays are smartening up to the fact that health and fitness is something that you can achieve easily at home.

With the explosion of information that is available on the internet…often times for free, it is easy to design your own circuit or exercise menu that requires virtually no equipment.

A body is all you need and some space to work on.
So why isn’t anyone telling you about this home fitness revolution?

Well, the fact of the matter is that there are a few proponents of body weight exercise coaches who actually do. The problem is that not many people know about them.

The fitness industry is also centered around turning a profit. If you have a fitness routine at home that doesn't require any gym equipment then how are they going to make money? Home fitness is obviously not in their best interest.

If you bought an elliptical exercise bike and stayed at home, that is a one time investment and the gyms would lose out big time. This is why they have strong marketing pitches that tell you how indispensable the gym environment is.

They tell you it is about camaraderie, it is about widening your social circle, that there is evidence that being surrounded by people with the same goal makes your goals likely to come true. All true but you can also do it at home yourself. Home fitness is perfect for those who are not motivated to go to the gym.

It is easy to be tempted by the latest and greatest fitness gimmick. It is true that elliptical s, recumbent stationary cycles, treadmills all have a place in fitness if your program requires them. It is also true that you require no equipment what so ever to make your body as sculpted and as healthy as you have ever been.

Imagine what it would have been like for our predecessors who had no machines but were fitter and healthier than we are. They obviously did the work regardless of equipment. They build strength, power and endurance all by using the body weight. Their workouts didn't center around the gym or machines or weights. They didn't need sophisticated bikes that had cardio mode a special plate that you peddle on.

They simply had their bodies, which they used by varying rate, intensity and variety of their movements. They didn't have life fitness, or new octane fitness of any other type of workout programs. Their exercise was driven by necessity and as such was functional rather than focused on physique development.

It is no use to look good if you cannot bend over and tend to your garden or paddy field. Wouldn't matter if you were muscular but lacked agility to climb trees to get berries or sprint fast to catch your dinner.

So why the discussion on home fitness?"


Fitness in the older days was all about life, not fitness programs or workout programs.

So do you think a home gym is necessary to reach your fitness and health goals? If you think so, perhaps you need to reassess. Does a recumbent bike really take you that much closer to your goals? Do you need octane fitness? How does life fitness vision fitness program work for you?

The truth is clear. You can reach your health goals with or without the gym. The only thing you need to do is committing to performing the exercises. This is really the essence of home fitness.

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