Step Aerobics

How adding one simple elevation of step aerobics takes your workout to a whole new level!


step aerobicsI am often fascinated by the ingenious ways that human beings come up with to exercise. The most ancient of these are obviously based on body weight. But, with industrialization and creative marketing, street smart marketing firms are bringing out variety of increasingly tantalizing machines to help you reach your fitness goal.

The fun thing about this is that you have almost an unlimited choice when it comes to fitness. That doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot of money, in fact some times the best machine to help you develop the results are you want are the simplest.

Take step aerobics. These days a full workout video comes with the package. They teach you how to use the product (which admittedly is simple) and they give you a variety of workouts which help keep you entertained while you step u and down.

This simply contraption allows you to do body weight exercises according to your cardio level. There is no need to monitor rate or have a previous fitness requirement. Just hop on and hop off and let the motion move you.

The more interesting step aerobics program incorporate dance moves to entice you to purchase. This is common sense as a workout you enjoy is one that you will stick with and thus benefit from. Just look at Zumba. Doesn’t have a step and you need no equipment at all. And if you needed some extra challenge then you can use the sticks that come with the DVDs.

Customer reviews of any product will vary but it is hard to fault a single step. No matter if you are a beginner or an expert there are always varying levels of difficulty that you can try your hand at.

Search for routines about step aerobics!


Simply browse the internet, search for more sophisticated routines. Add in weights, bars and as you become proficient you can build your own steps routine. There are even some online sites that help you achieve this.

When it comes to the end goal, keep in mind that although weight loss is a good starting point and muscle toning is desirable. Your workout goals should be centred around health. Fitness without health is useless but health without fitness is laughable.

Start your journey towards health with a step aerobics exercise video. Of course, when you do an online search for step aerobics exercise videos you will find a sleuth of websites all touting their individual benefits.

The trick is to find ones that you can relate to and enjoy. Step aerobics workout differ greatly because the workout routines are easily mixed up. So when you get a step aerobic workout video that doesn’t appeal, don’t fret, simply go online and find a routine that you relate to and do that instead.

There are no hard or fast rules that say you must perform the routine in a certain way. Plus, the step height is usually minimal so the chances of injury are minimal. Just take the normal precautions that you would with any exercise program and you will be fine.

If you have some favourite step aerobics workout videos please do share them with us. I would be most interested in seeing what tools and programs people are using t help enhance their health.

If you are tentative about exercising at home, then consider attending a step aerobics class as a gentle introduction. Who knows, step aerobics might just be the start you require on your way to the perfect figure and optimal weight.

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