What is the only home fitness equipment you need?

Purchase your own home fitness equipment to use.


home fitness equipmentI get asked this question a lot. My patients would say I really want to lose weight and I have made a resolution to do it. Even set aside some money to make sure that I can purchase some magical home fitness equipment that will get me there faster, what one thing if you had the money would you buy?

I would look at them sincerely and then shake my head and say... ‘You’ve got it backwards, instead of paying for your health with an equipment you should use the money as an incentive.’

The truth is that you already have all that you need in your own body. The weight that you carry around is the perfect training ground. No further equipment necessary. You are the ultimate cardio/weight/resistance training machine.

The best part is that you develop functional strength when you train your body instead of simply focusing on the physique side of the equation. Your money is best spent in the nutrition and diet corner where you can purchase high quality supplements that will boost your training results.

Home gyms equipment is not cheap. A home fitness equipment can fill out a whole living room or garage so its a space hog as well. But if you are so inclined then go ahead.

Does that mean I advocate NOT using any home fitness equipment what so ever?


Yes. In the initial phases of your training definitely.

Training and keeping in shape is very much like stopping smoking. You need both will, reason and way to make it happen. Otherwise you are just going to be spinning your wheels and not moving anywhere.

I get questions about the latest boxing gym, a cardio station, dual weight stack gyms and other exotic weight lifting equipment. My answer is the same...if you haven’t mastered your bodies movement then you are opening yourself to injury rather than accelerating your results.

Once you have graduated to mastering your movements then you can go and buy that fancy chin up bar or that power cage or pull up bars. Heck, you can swap your couch for a weight bench or dumbbell rack for all I care. The point is that all too often people go and throw money at gimmicks hoping that it will give them the results they want...yesterday.

The ugly truth is that it doesn’t happen that way and that you have to take a balanced an integrated approach. You need good nutrition, a solid training plan, patients and the commitment to execute and keeping yourself accountable.

I know myself that I can go weeks without exercising and think that I’ve only missed a couple of days. Your mind plays tricks on you when you don’t want to do something.

So when you feel the urge to purchase something, think about it for a while. Do you really need the equipment? Or is it an underlying desire that you are masking?

Do you really need that barbell? Are you fit enough to use the fitness equipment? That is a totally different way of looking at things isn’t it? If you aren’t fit, you shouldn’t use your home fitness equipment. The pros don’t punish themselves the first day back after they have been off season. They gradually build back up to the level they were at and then move beyond.

You should adopt the same principles. Exercise at home and build up your strength/endurance etc. As your exercise tolerance increases and you find things less challenging, then consider increasing your training difficulty. I bet you a dime to a nickel that you will be amazed at how difficult body weight exercises can get without any home fitness equipment whatsoever.

Products are simply that...products, they are not results generators. You are the only results generator that is important so develop your results generating muscles.

Machines can’t do your work for you so get to it and make this year you best year yet. Be fit using the best home fitness equipment you possess!

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