Back Exercises to Help Eliminate Back Pain

Back Exercises: Strengthen Your Back Muscles


back exercisesHere is a shortlist of friendly back exercises. Rather than ramble and getting lost in my own writing.

Wall sit. Scorpion. Cobra. Downward Dog. Upward cat. These are just a couple of back exercises that you can do when eliminating or relieving back pain. There you have it. You really don’t really need any more information than that.

As with any other muscle, your back muscles get stronger and more resilient with use. Most people who have back pain actually have it from disuse or misuse. Your back is complicated with a tremendous amount of interconnections. It also has the job of holding your entire body weight which is by no means an easy task.

Your back requires a lot of attention, let me dissect what I mean about disuse and misuse.

Disuse is easy. Basically you don’t use your back and the muscles atrophy, the rest of the muscles need to chip in and do the job. For example, people with weak backs often have neck pain and headaches. This is because the shoulders, traphs and some of the smaller spinal muscles are all trying to keep the head from falling off.

So disuse covered. Now misuse. A lot of people do not have awareness of their back muscles. So they are very good in performing one motion either flexion or extension. What happens when you develop one plane of motion and not the other? You get decompensation of the opposite movement which then limits what you are able to do. Also this sets you up for injury even when performing rather benign movements like bending over and picking up a piece of paper.

So when thinking about back exercises you need to really consider the opposite movement. Don’t get caught up in doing a one dimensional exercise.

What then about back exercises in the form of back stretches?


Back stretches are a great way to help relax the muscles that are spasming and can provide temporary pain relief. The problem with just stretching is that you don’t address the core of the problem which is insufficient power and atrophy of the back muscles.

Now don’t get me wrong. There are a lot of other reasons for the back pain, might be a pinched nerve a blown disc but in most instances when a medical cause has been ruled out then you are left with pain that will come and go as long as you don’t address the weak back muscles.

Aerobic exercise like running don’t really help as you are still pounding the pavement which sends shock waves through the entire spine to the head. There is no quick way to handle back pain but the solution is a simple and easy one that only takes 15 minutes a day. Yes you read that right, back exercises in 15 minutes a day and you can be pain free.

You may choose to use a fixed bar back stretch, the wall stretch, the supine groin stretch all which do a great job. You can also engage the upper body and recruit your shoulders to do shoulder external rotations which help engage the top part of your thorax which can sometimes harbour some muscular knots.

Back pain can severely limit a persons life. You may notice a decrease in grip stretch. This can affect any training that you might do. Adding weights like barbell to a back exercise routine would not be a good idea.

Stay with low impact exercises at the start, swimming is very good, any exercise that involves lifting, bending, are generally ok.

Know your limits, so many people injure their back because their workout goes beyond what their body can do. So be careful. Your back has to support your trapezius, the latissimus dorsi the rhomboids, the deltoids, it basically needs to do all the work. If you had all that weight to carry, don’t you think it would be a good idea to fortify it before you do some serious damage? Doing some back exercises would not only lessen your back pain but also strengthen your back muscles.

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