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Tips For Finding A Quality Inversion Tables


inversion tablesMany people use an inversion tables to relieve pressure from their back. Just by tilting backward every now and again decompresses the spine restoring the flow of blood to the back. This type of therapy relieves pain as it stretches the spine. There are a number of different types of tables available and finding a quality inversion table can be challenging. 

When selecting the equipment that will meet your specific needs, there are some important things to consider. Remember, you will be hanging upside down when you use the table so it is important that it is sturdy enough to hold your body weight. Your safety during this type of therapy is extremely important.

When evaluating the sturdiness of the equipment look at its weight. If the equipment weighs less than twenty pounds it is not of good quality. It is important to purchase equipment that has been tested properly. When examining the equipment, look for the UL, or Underwriters Laboratory, logo. This is a group that evaluates a variety of items for safety. Although there are other testing agencies, UL is the most well known.

You will also want to check to see how long the manufacturer has been around. Chances are that if the company that manufactures this kind of equipment is an older company, they have survived in business by providing quality products. You will also be able to find customer reviews that can let you know how they rate the product.

With an important purchase as this is, you want to put your trust in a company that is well established and has a good reputation. Make sure to check with friends and relatives that may have purchased this type of equipment. They will be able to make recommendations based on their experience.

In addition, you will want to find out what type of return policy the company has. A manufacturer that sells a quality product will not hesitate to allow returns. It is important for a reputable company to make sure that their customers are satisfied with their products. Offering a return policy also lets customers know that the company is willing to do what it takes to keep customers happy.

Are inversion tables safe for me?


You should also speak with your doctor to make sure that inversion therapy is the right choice for you. If it is the recommended therapy, your doctor will be able to help you identify the correct type of inversion tables you should use. Once the type of equipment is identified, your doctor may be able to point you in the direction of a reputable dealer of inversion equipment.

When you are looking for a quality inversion tables, consider searching the internet. Many well established companies are moving to the use of the internet to reach more customers. It may be more convenient to purchase the equipment online and have it delivered directly to your home. Keep in mind though, that buying online inversion tables should still involve thoroughly evaluating the quality of the products and services the company will provide.

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