Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Equipment

Improve Posture And Body Alignment While Relieving Pain With Teeter Hang Ups Inversion


Teeter hang upsMany people around the world are aware of the health benefits of hanging upside down. With the proper equipment, anyone can reduce strain, align the back and eliminate the everyday aches and pains associated with stress. Teeter Hang Ups Inversion tables offer a convenient and affordable way for consumers to take advantage of this ancient remedy for pain.

The precision balance equipment allows the user to move the arms to control speed and rotation of the table to any position. When the user reaches the desired position and relaxes, gravity takes over and the body weight gradually decompresses the joints. The soft tissues hydrate and the spine naturally aligns as the body stretches with the help of gravity. People who practice inversion on a regular basis report improved posture and balance.

The muscles, ligaments and joints are constantly working against the force of gravity to maintain an upright position whether sitting or standing. With this type of therapy, gravity works in the body's favor to allow soft tissues to recover naturally.

Factors including damaged discs, pressure on the nerves, tense muscles and spine misalignment can all lead to back pain. Inverting on a table can help with any of these conditions and provide pain relief.

The use of Teeter Hang Ups inversion equipment helps vertebral disc health and repair.


Inverting allows the vertebral discs to decompress so nutrients can get to the area and aid in repair. This makes the back more flexible. Expansion of the area between the vertebrae eliminates any pressure on pinched nerves and relieves pain, even the discomfort associated with sciatica.

Sitting for long periods of time and bad posture aggravate the back muscles and ligaments because the spine is misaligned and compressed. Inverting allows gradual decompression to occur and realign the back. This position promotes lymph flow and helps muscles release tension. Misalignment is a problem with athletes that use predominately one side of the body like bowlers, baseball pitchers and tennis players.

Positioning the legs above the head improves circulation and this means the heart does not have to work as hard to clear blood from the lower limbs. This position also promotes the flow of lymphatic fluid out of the legs so impurities can be flushed out. Some people report their varicose veins are less noticeable after inverting.

Rocking the table back and forth will decrease heart rate and put the user in a state of relaxation. The entire body stretches and maintains greater flexibility with this action.

Spending a few minutes inverting after a physical workout stretches out the muscles and allows the joints to recover nutrients and moisture faster and more efficiently. The joints are able to absorb shock the way healthy joints should and overall flexibility improves.

The table can facilitate certain exercises that strengthen the core. The user targets core muscles specifically without compressing the back and risking injury.

People searching for a way to realign the body with a low impact activity will get results with proper use of Teeter Hang Ups Inversionequipment. Other benefits include joint decompression, enhanced flexibility and overall fitness. So try using teeter hang ups now!

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