Teeter hang ups miracle back pain cure

Use Teeter Hang Ups to alleviate back pain!


Teeter hang ups inversion tables have been the best selling inversion tables on the market for many years. They claim that the inversion process can help with back pain. That if you use the inversion rack for exercise you can build a strong core and make light of hard work. Sounds miraculous and in many ways it is.

Teeter hang upsLike all human inventions, we need to pay attention to the only variable that uses the equipment...us. Like you, I watch TV late night sometimes and I find myself watching infomercials that talk about ab sculpting. The dream machine that is easy to use, works like a charm and shows me images of the leanest and meanest bodies you would never even dream of having in a hundred years.

It is a trick on the brain. Then they go on to show before and after images which look soooo convincing. And I suppose they are since it is all real results. But why then is there is dismal amount of failures that ridicule the product? The answer is simple...the human element.

Teeter hang ups work. The quality inversion table will perform as specified but do you perform as specified? Exercise is simple. You flex and extend muscles and it develops to your demands that you place upon it. Whether you do it in a gym or at home doesn’t matter. Whether you do it upright or inverted also doesn’t matter. Use a table fine, an inversion rack or bar works just as well. The brand name means nothing to your body. Your muscles only know what you ask of it.

The next time you embark on an exercise program, think hard about how you feel when performing it. Power is only one aspect of fitness and health. Flexibility is another. Speed is yet another dimension.

Isolating muscles to perform an exercise is important in the development of form. Form dictates function so if you have functional impediment it is likely that your form has something to do with it.

Find the Right Teeter Hang Ups Equipment for You.


I have many back pain patients who constantly complain. Yet they are overweight, do little to no exercise and want a magic pill to remove years of abuse and self neglect that they have inflicted upon themselves.

But I digress. You wanted to know about teeter hang ups inversion tables and inversion racks as effective power developing tools and they are. The essentials are simple, the hang ups need to fit well, they must support your body weight with little to no pressure on the legs. When you are working against gravity you increase the amount of tension that goes through your muscles. Because of the increase weight there is increase risk of problems.

This is where you need to exercise caution. Breathe deeply when you are in the relaxation phase of your workout and exhale when you are contracting. Breath holding is never recommended as it causes damage to your internal organs.

Are you able to handle the information that your body can stretch and respond to demands? Do you know where your limits are without hurting yourself? If not, you need to seriously think about your workout before you get injured. Remember to use with safety these wonderful teeter hang ups when relieving back pain.

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