Tony Horton’s Workout DVDs Power 90 Review

It's easier for many individuals to stick to a regular fitness regimen if everything is simplified and can be carried out quickly Power 90 review.

Power 90 reviewGood thing that there are numerous products that do just that, especially in the form of exercise videos. The following is a quick Power 90 review, something that claims to help you turn your dream body into a reality in just 3 months.

Tony Horton developed everything in each of the videos. If the name somewhat rings a bell, it's because he also starred in a lot of other similar exercise DVDs. This famous American fitness instructor was also in the P90X, 10 Minute Trainer, Power Half Hour and Tony and the Folks. He is your very own fitness instructor, guiding and pushing you to work out.

Sectional Progression is a technique that Horton employs in this particular offering. Each involved movement is said to target a specific body area to maximize the elimination of fat and toning and strengthening of the muscles. Each of the routine is also an excellent time-saver, with the longest one lasting for only 42 minutes. With often a busy schedule being blamed by many for not having enough time to exercise, the product helps provide solution to that particular problem.

Instead of visiting the gym regularly, all that's needed is placing a DVD into the player. So that you can tell which video should be played, the included Program Guide is consulted. As mentioned above, all the DVDs will provide the routines you need for the entire 3 months. There's an included resistance band to accompany you during the muscle toning routines.

As you're getting rid of unwanted fat through the cardiovascular routines Horton developed, the body needs to get a nice shape. This is provided by moves that aim to tone the muscles, specifically with the help of the resistance band included with the purchase. There are also routines that focus on the abdominal muscles, enabling you to enjoy a flatter midsection.

The included routines should be enough to help you shed off excess pounds, if executed properly. Although none of the videos will take up much of your time, some people find sticking to a regimen 6 times a week somewhat challenging. Also, many have reported that they find the moves boring after some time. But the point of the product is to introduce into exercising those who never had a regular regimen before. Definitely, it isn't as challenging as the P90X review, something based from this one.

Weight loss becomes effective when exercising is paired with proper dieting. Worry not as Horton also got the other part covered, particularly with the included meal plan. There's no denying that the proper dieting tips will deliver results. However, the intake of certain supplements from Beachbody, this product's manufacturer, is also involved.

The person's motivation to lose weight is important, no matter the type ofworkout regimen he or she sticks to.

The above Power 90 review has given you an idea of the things to expect should you decide to go for it.


Although it's a fact that the included videos make for an easier fitness regimen, the overall results will still depend on one's enthusiasm to lose weight. Take a look into Tony Horton's Workout DVDs Power 90 review.

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