What Equipment Do You Need For P90X

There may come a time when you wonder about what equipment do you need for P90X participation.


P90XYou can keep your shopping list basic for setup with adjustable weights, various resistance bands, a monitor for your heart rate and a proper exercise mat. You can build from these elements as you launch into your new exercise routine.

P90X is a home training program that mixes various exercises to give your muscles different workouts. This type of cross-training was originally designed as a 90-day fitness program, but many people have adapted it as part of their daily exercise. Your goal can be a total body workout with maximum calorie burn, combined with a sensible and nutritious diet.

Dumbbells that allow you to adjust the weight can be of service to you when you go through your P90X routines. You can start with 5 lb hand weights and continue upward for more intense sets and reps. The additional weight you use as you get stronger can mean more muscle growth.

Resistance bands with P90X can be more flexible than weights to allow for easier storage and transport if you want to perform the program while traveling. The resistance bands can offer resistance from 5 lbs and up. You can tell the amount of resistance based on the manufacturer's color code for the bands. You also can purchase a door attachment to help you through your band exercises or for use as a chin-up bar.

You may want to invest in a heart rate monitor as you build your cross-training routines. These types of exercises can quickly accelerate your heart rate, so knowing your target heart rate and keeping your rate in this zone can be important for a good workout. This type of monitoring can help you avoid issues with trying to take on too much, too fast, and putting yourself at risk of injury.

A mat typically used for yoga can offer a comfortable, dedicated surface for stretching and other floor exercises, perhaps with your resistance bands. You also can use it as a reminder that it is time to focus on exercise as you unroll it and begin preparations. These mats can be put away when you are done with your floor exercises.

There also are other accessories to accompany your routine. Your exercise
trainer can help you plan your diet based on new nutritional needs to fit your workout and help with muscle growth and reducing fat. There are exercise DVDs that help show you the different cross-training routines. You also may want bars you can attach to door frames for chin-ups and pull-ups, along with bars for push-ups. Shoes designed for cross-training also can be important to keep your feet comfortable.

P90X equipment can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish.


Talk to others who use the program to see what types of equipment they find helpful for their own regimens or research more online to learn about different equipment and exercises you may want to explore. You can build a personal P90X program to fit your own lifestyle.

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