Develop explosive strength with a pull up bar

Strengthen your arm and chest muscles by using a pull up bar


pull up barWhether you are an absolute beginner or a seasoned athlete, there is little that beats a pull up bar in terms of exercise difficulty and results.

Pull ups are one of the hardest exercises but also one of the most rewarding. When you do a proper pull up you are using the entire upper body muscles fighting against your body weight and gravity.

Doing a pull up is hard, doing a chin up can be an easier way to ease into a pullup but don't be fooled, These exercises are hard, very hard.

A pull up bar is the same as a chin up bar, the difference is in the grip. In this article you will learn the proper techniques of doing a pull up and a chin up for maximum strength and results.

There are few exercises that give you a total upper body workout. The good news is that pull ups are on of those rare exercises that give you a huge bang for your exercise buck.

In terms of fitness gear, you don't even need a pull up bar, let alone a deluxe pull-up bar. The only thing you need is a step, whether it be stairs, side of a wall, over hang from the 1st floor. Anything that simulates a bar is sufficient.

Obviously a bar makes your upper body workout that much easier but hey, if you can save some money, there is no reason to splurge.

In this article I won't be talking about P90x chin-ups. The focus is on body weight training and the use of proper technique to get you from zero, i.e. having never done a pull up before to proficiently doing pull ups within 3 months.

Why 3 months you ask?

Well, I could give you a training schedule that will get you there in just 1 month but unless you are a professional athlete with tonnes of time to spare, the likelihood is that it won't happen.

So, 3 months is very realistic.

As a beginner, you probably will have difficulty doing 1 Pull-up or Chin-up. Don't worry, with simple progression and plenty of rest in between you will undoubtedly reach the status of pull up champ...or at least be able to perform this elusive upper body workout.

First of all let me address the fitness equipment you will need.

1) your body
2) optional pull up/chin up bar

The rest is easy.

Next, what is the difference between a pull up and a chin up? It is simply the way you grip the bar/ledge/stairs.

A pull-up is the harder of the two versions where you have your palms facing away from your body. Like how gymnastic athletes grab onto the parallel bars.

Chin-up are for the weaklings (just kidding), this is the reverse grip where your palms face your body. It is a biceps workout and thus easier as most people have well developed biceps.

There are a range of other grips and variations but lets keep this simple.

Thirdly, pull ups are not just an exercise for men, it is also a female friendly exercise. Granted it may take a little longer for you to get there but the results are amazing.

Your chest muscles will tighten resulting in better shaped breasts. Your upper back will be strengthened hence giving you better posture. Plus, who can argue with the sexiness of a female who can do pull ups?

Again, let me reiterate, you don't need any product to be able to do the pull-up. Don't rush into a store and become a customer. Your fitness depends on your exercise regime, not the equipment you buy. Training is the important thing, not the tools.

I will give you all the help you need in this article, the rest is up to you.

A side note, there is no restrictions on who can perform pull-ups. Age is not an issue, gender is not an issue, having a gymp membership or not is not an issue, whether you already have muscles or not is not an issue.

You have to realize that your body is amazing and it deserves your admiration and love. Going from not being able to do a pull up to doing the first clean pull up will transform the way you look at yourself. Not to mention revolutionize your fitness expectations.

There is also cross over benefits. Once you are able to do pull up or chin ups you will notice that traditional exercises like bench presse or any weight training workout will be far easier.

That is because this program will give you the power to push through previously conceived barriers, your body will become packed, your muscles tight, your weight will become irrelevant. Sports will become more appealing and you just won't be able to stop smiling.

Training will be an integral part of your life so train your upper body using a pull up bar.


Who knows, you might develop such passion and upper body strength that you decide to mount the pommel horse and pick up some nice gymnastics tricks.

All in good time. First, lets get your strength training up to scratch.This article is getting a bit long so for the pull up bar power building program click on and read the next article.

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