Perfect Push Up Bars

Perfect push up bars your perfect partner when doing push up routines.


push up barsPerfect pushup is a brand name for push up bars that are designed specifically to build upper body strength. The perfect push up bars are designed to give you and upper body workout to rival other home fitness equipment.

You can consider it extreme training if you will.

So what exactly is a perfect push up bar?

Simply put, perfect pushup puts a 'new spin' on the classic push up bars. It is purported to supercharge your upper body workout by maximizing strength gains whilst simultaneourly creating definition.

Apparently it also has the side benefit of minimizing the injury to joints, preventing strains and sprains.

The perfect push up was developed by a former Navy SEAL Platoon Commander. In consultation with engineers, the perfect pushup utilizes advance biomechanical principles and sophisticated engineering to make the push up - perfect.

The perfect push up is literally a handle bar on top of a rotating disc. That is it. A tremendously simple concept. The makers say that this simple 'twist' makes your push up more 'natural' like throwing a punch. This then translates to better muscle engagement from the arms, chest, shoulders and back therefore causing an accelerated return on results from your activity.

Many men would attest to the success they have had from perfect pushups. But is the juice really worth the squeeze?

On closer examination, your perfect push up kit has 2 of their patented and 'amazing' rotating handle bars, which are non slip of course. Then there are instructional videos and a workout plan.

Simple as far as products go and age is not an issue, just pure motivation and desire.

The mystery of perfect push up bars.


Many satisfied customers swear by this product. They say that 2 minutes of exercise spread over a day has transformed their bodies. They feel stronger in their hands and love being able to do so in the comfort of their own homes.

I just wasn't convinced though as a proponent of body weight exercises. I felt that pure body weight alone was sufficient to achieve the same results. The reason being, you have your entire body weight whether or not you have these fitness handle bars.

The instructional videos and recommendation for pushups is what I found most informative. The bells and whistles of the equipment were not there though.

What comes to mind when I ask you to perform 20 pushups rest 20 seconds, then do 16 pushups and rest 10 seconds then do 12 push ups.

You also vary the width that your arms are apart. Ranging from as far apart as you can stably achieve to shoulder width to having the two discs physically touch.

It was after reading the instructions that it hit me. The magic is not in the equipment or product. It is in the execution and exercise regime. Sure with the perfect push up you don't need a gym, or have any accessories to purchase, there is no extra book to read no electronic gizmo to monitor your heart rate. It is a simple, two handle rotating push up bar.

The results come from carefully thought out training plans. So will you vote yay or nay for the perfect push up bars?

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