Pull up bars: Use to power

Pull Up Bars For Strength Training


I don’t have a favorite strength training equipment...well I lie...I do but the equipment is not some external piece of hardware. It is in fact your body. It is amazing just how much strength you need to move your own body around especially when you push its limits.

pull up bars

As an upper body training method though, I have to concede that a pull up is perhaps the most challenging and physically rewarding exercise to do. It just works so many muscle groups all at once, plus you develop incredible grip strength while white knuckling it out.

As an upper body workout pull ups on pull up bars are in a league of its own. Perhaps the floor equivalent would be the handstand but that still doesn’t come close to the finesse required to pull off a beautiful controlled chin up.

My own strength training regime is based on the body weight exercises by amazing Coach Steer and Murdock who have a quirky sense of humor. I like them for their foundational training in CST and a whole bunch of other modalities.

They are also well connected through the fitness industry with a sharp and consistent focus on health as their main goal.

Although they are proponents of body weight training, they are well versed in all kinds of training equipment from kettlebells to bosu balls and anything else they can get their hands on and this includes pull up bars.

They advocate home training and home fitness and their programs as especially appealing for the time short mom and pop who need a quick full body workout without special equipment. Their home fitness workout can be completed in under 20 minutes so it fits even the busiest of schedules. Add chin ups to that equation and you have an explosive fitness program that requires no additional fitness gear items except  Pull up bars.

Did you know you can get a portable door way chin ups or pull up bars without permanently making holes in your home? I didn’t until just 10 minutes ago?

Then again this is probably a product that I need to do more research on before commenting since I know little to nothing about it. Sounds like a good idea but how much weight can the frame of your door take? Anyways, its a matter of doing product due diligence.

So, are you looking to create your own indoor gym or are you an outdoor sports person who just doesn’t get satisfied unless you are literally pumping iron? There really is no such thing as the perfect training equipment, just the perfect training regime that will help you build strength and this can easily be achieved using your body weight alone.

People just don’t realize how incredibly strong you can become using nothing but your own body weight. Our bodies are designed to move against resistance. You can put extreme strain on your muscles demand the world from them and they will step up to the challenge...not immediately but over time with good muscle training, you will power up and increase the rate as which you can perform any exercise. Pull up bars are excellent for this.

Pull-ups or otherwise your body will adapt, train with a safe protocol, watch your movements and master your own body and the next thing you know you will be posting youtube videos on your one handed pull ups.

Will pull up bars be on your shopping list?

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