The best fitness equipment money can buy

Have you ever wondered what is the best fitness equipment money can buy. Well, it isn't what you think.


Men especially have difficulty understanding this point because we are so often outwardly orientated...opps I have said too much already.

fitness equipment
The home gym has evolved over the years. Gym equipment no longer belongs to fancy downtown gym chains which require a membership in order to access. Indeed, with the membership you pay, often times you can get fitness equipment that you want and need to create a home gym that will beat all home gyms.

You could start off with free weights which are versatile and very cost effective in terms of weight training. Sure you could go off and purchase some fancy schmancy exercise equipment like an exercise bike with computerized programming or get sucked into the ab circle pro...that ab circle pro machine, why any one buys them is an absolute mystery.

Then there are the inversion tables, elliptical machines, weight benches all the way to full fledged home gyms that have counter weights and look like a robot from the 30th century.

The question is, do you really need all this fitness equipment?


More importantly, do you feel that having the equipment alone gets you towards your health and fitness goal?

From my experience and the experience of my patients, most people who purchase exercise equipment go through a few phases.

Phase 1 - Excitement. They watch an ad, hear a testimonial and think to themselves that this is the fitness equipment that is going to change their lives for the better.

Phase 2 - Adrenaline. The purchase arrives, they rip open the box. Study the manual. Make plans and start the regime.

Phase 3 - Pain. Someone forgot to tell them that muscle aches come with the territory and if you haven't been keeping up your exercise the post exercise delayed onset muscle soreness if going to literally feel like you are ripping your insides apart. Not pretty

Phase 4 - Boredom. No matter how good the results, a routine is a routine is a routine. If it doesn't change or doesn't involve progression then they become bored and stagnate.

Phase 5 - Shelf. The fitness equipment gets shelved and they go back to looking for the next miracle as this one didn't work.

Fitness unfortunately is a lifelong craft. No one person can exercise once and benefit for life. It is unfortunate cause you walk into a fitness store and you see floor to ceiling worth of gym training products. Weights, accessories, training ropes, bikes, elliptical machines, treadmills all sitting there in their brand spanking shiny metal glory.

Each one that you walk past has a testimonial attached saying how this machine lost her last 5kg of stubborn fat, how this weight training exercise helped toned those stubborn love handles etc etc.

Then of course there is the brilliant video of gym trainers on the tv surrounded by beautiful tone bodied beach babes seductively straddling the latest stepper or ab machine.

And of course lets not forget the dumbbells that usually ride towards the end of the shop replaced by their newer cousins, the kettlebell.

The truth of the matter is that you can buy any equipment, attend any yoga or weight training class, subscribe to a gym, even hire a personal trainer. You may even have access and use many different training tools.

But in the end, results come from work and work comes from you.

Your body is the ultimate fitness equipment. Master it and you will not need to spend a cent on any other fitness equipment.

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