The perfect push up

The perfect push up is not as elusive as it sounds.


But before I go on and talk about the perfect push up, I want to set the ground rules.perfect push up

1. All natural movement is perfect.

2. Distortion of movement occurs because of overuse of certain muscle groups and the corresponding underused of others.

3. You can force your way to perfection.

4. Perfect movements get you perfect results i.e no injury, no wasted movement, and it feels good.

Now, think about this for a second, why do you want to do the perfect push up? Is it simply for the say of doing more push ups? Is it because your current push up hurts you? Is it because of a challenge or dare?

In other words what is the reason that you want to do the perfect push up? Are you going through a 'perfection phase' where you want to do the perfect situp, the perfect bench press, the perfect 'insert your exercise'?

Very few people I know want to do something perfect for themselves. Normally they are driven by something external to themselves. They want to show off to others or to feel superior compared with others. Nothing wrong with that. But such motivation is toxic to your soul.

The reasons for doing something should be internally motivated. You should always strive for perfection rather than demand that you achieve it each and every time. However, I digress.

Contrary to popular believe, the perfect push up doesn't require perfect fitness not that such a thing exists anyways.


The 'perfect push up' is a push up that works the upper body and the core as you perform it. It is an exercise with no weak links. The perfect push up looks like a mechanical lever that raises and lowers with deadly precision. No sagging in between.

Perfect push ups do not require you to do a pushup test where you count the number of repetitions. Bad push ups done over and over are simply going to create dysfunctional body workouts.

The perfect push up should start at the ground level, but if that is too hard then consider using a push up bar. Push up bars are raised off the ground which makes it easier to complete. Depending on your fitness level you might require the help of a push up bar at the start of your training.

Pros do push ups the same as everyone of us, with only a subtle difference. Their focus. They don't do more work, they don't need to purchase items from a store, they don't have a different workout routine or a special item that they wear.

They simply perform a push up with intent and focus and they get back what they put in.

Incidentally perfect push ups are actually a brand of push up bars if you will but lets not rush and becomes customers of a product that we might not need just yet. First, conquer the basic push up then learn to use the push up bars.

If you google perfect push up you will see many exercise and fitness videos that teach you about hand placement, body form. You will find details on the perfect push up handle and other top quality products designed for strength training. Equipment aside, many of these videos are informative and teach you the proper way to perform a push up.

Perfect pushups are easy. There are only a few things to bear in mind.

1. Get comfortable, a mat is generally a good idea. Provides a soft landing just in case you fatigue and fall flat on your face.
2. Lie face down on the mat with your palms facing the floor shoulder width apart
3. Inhale deeply
4. Focus on keeping your entire body straight. Engage all the muscles starting from the back of your head and work your way down. Neck, shoulders, spine, lower back, gluts, hamstrings all the way down to your little toes. Engage them all
5. Exhale slowly and push through the center of your palms
6. Slowly lift yourself off the floor until your arms are both fully extended
7. At the top of your push up, breathe in and then as you slowly exhale, slowly make your way down until you are literally 1cm away from the mat
8. Breathe in and as you exhale repeat from step 4.

The muscles that you actively engage like your chest muscles will make this push up very different from the regular push ups that you have done before. Try it, you will be surprised at the difference focus makes to attaining that perfect push up.

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